PVC pipe ocean backdrop for Sabbath school

I had a lot of fun this summer creating a backdrop of the ocean for our Beginner Cradle Roll Sabbath school class. Thanks to PVC pipe I was able to create a frame that would hold up the tulle and fabric ocean waves.ocean background 2015-07-29


First buying pvc pipe! What fun at Lowe’s. I used 1/2 inch pipe that came in 5 foot sections. I didn’t want to have to cut more than I needed to.

Second, learn how to use a miter saw. I first tried to cut through the pvc pipe with this little pipe cutting tool where you were supposed to go around and around scoring the pipe until it broke. Didn’t work for me. Went to my husband’s workshop, turned on the miter saw, felt the power in my hands and pipe was cut! I did 4 pieces that were two feet tall and 4 pieces that were 3 feet tall by cutting 4 five foot lengths in two.

Third, attach them with joints. I didn’t use glue because I wanted to take the backdrop back apart when I was done. I used 8 ninety degree elbows and 4 three way joints.

Fourth I took a piece of white fabric as my background support and created a pocket across the top with an opening in the center so I could attach the pvc pipe.

Fifth, I attached one end of the tool to the right side of the white background fabric and then to the left side of the background fabric. I took hold of the material and walked backwards to form a triangle with approximately equal amounts of tool on the left and right side, then attached that middle point to the white fabric in the center. I then created three swags of equal size on each side of the center. I repeated this process with 5 different pieces of different color tulle.

Sixth, I sewed a straight seam down the center of each swag end to attach tulle to the white background fabric.

Seventh, attached one end of tulle/fabric piece and then the other side.


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