Summer Math Fluency Ideas

A parent was asking on another Facebook group if she should play “rocket ship math” (timed math facts test) or just let her first grader play. This was my response: I was a high school math teacher. Fluency is important but in first grade, play will help more than a timed test that would likely shut down your daughter instead of spur her on to math greatness. I would suggest some dice games were she has to add two numbers together to play. Google ” dice and card games to practice math facts ” and the first link which is a pdf has some great ideas for ways to play card games like go fish. Spending a half hour each day playing “chutes and ladders” or “sorry” will give your daughter pleasant memories of time spent together. You can even include your other triplets. Then there is things like cooking or baking. Get enough cups to create groupings of like ingredients – two cups of flour plus 3 cups of flour, how many cups of flour do I have. That would require some set up for you but again a fun memory making time. How about creating some crafts with buttons, sequins, feathers. Again create groupings and have your daughter add or subtract from them – we had 10 feathers and we took 3 away, how many do we have? I would stay away from worksheets and computer/ tablet games at this age. They need to see concrete objects in order to understand an abstract concept.

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